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1. Purchase Guidelines

  • Purchase Process

    Dear Customer,
    You can purchase our phone from these stores in the below websites
    http://www.geecoomobile.com/index.php?s=/List/index/cid/63.html There are many resellers you can choose one of them, then enter their online shop website. Due to the district limit, perhaps some of them can ship to your country but others can’t, so you need to choose one shop which can ship it to your country.

  • Buyer Reading

    Dear Customer,
    Please read the following list carefully before your purchase your it:
    1.Most of our phones sold by resellers, you need to consult the detailed information with the reseller shopkeeper, such as shipping information, shipping fees, Price and privileges activity, each reseller have different policy, we can’t give the common replies.
    2.You should read the our warranty policy carefully, before you make an order: http://www.geecoomobile.com/index.php?s=/List/index/cid/73.html In addition, you must clear about the resellers warranty policy.

3. PDF download

Golf 1 User guide G3 User guide PDF

Attention:Newer models will be added later.

4. General FAQ

  • How long is the warranty?

    14 Months.

  • Can't power on your phone at the first time?

    For removable battery, please take away the battery cover and you will see a blue isolator on the battery. Take it away and power on the phone later.

  • test prodcuts

    test prodcuts