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       GEECOO not only represents a label, an attitude, a spirit,and a lifestyle, it's also the pursuit of craftsman's spirit. 

       Shen Zhen GEECOO Technology LTD is located in Shenzhen, China, with a dense supply-chain network all over the Pearl River Delta region. As a modern high technology enterprise specializing in the design, research, development, and sales of mobile phones, Geecoo has been adhering to the business philosophy of“pursing leading technology and quality excellence”since the company was first founded. We are committed to producing more desirable and advanced mobile phones. 

       Our in-depth market research indicates that, because of the rapid development of mobile technology, basic phones with only texting and voice capability features can no longer meet the needs of customers.Rather, customers today care more about the convenience, usability, and versatility of mobile phones. Hence, GEECOO strives to provide the best possible mobile experience to our customers by focusing more on the development of cutting-edge mobile technologies.

       GEECOO' sultimate vision is to become a highly distinguished and recognized leader in the mobile phone industry. It is also our goal to offer our customers the highest quality cell phone products and services. In order to do so, GEECOO ensures that our company operates in ways that promotes technology innovation, invests in talents, responses quickly to technology changes, provides high-quality products, and stay ahead of the technology curve .GEECOO also recognizes our responsibilities in community, as weare committed to continuously remaining an active member of the community and even making the world a better place. Those are the essence of GEECOO's enterprise culture that will allow us to prosper in this competitive world!

       GEECOOers, live for mobile phones, and take pride in our work!